Shadowgate — A first-person fantasy adventure

December 15, 2012 @ 2:30 am – 3:00 am

Guest: Dave Marsh, Zojoi
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Project: Shadowgate — A first-person fantasy adventure (successful Kickstarter)

The creators of Shadowgate are developing a new, epic version of the first-person fantasy adventure smash hit.

“The last thing that you remember is standing before the wizard Lakmir as he gestured wildly and chanted in an archaic tongue. Now you find yourself staring at an entryway which lies at the edge of a forest.”

So begins the legend of Shadowgate, the grandaddy of all ‘point and click’ fantasy adventure games – a title that paved the way for a host of fantasy games to follow. In Shadowgate, you move from room to room through the labyrinths of the living castle, confronting the devilish denizens and confounding the fiendish traps laid by the Warlock Lord. Your quest is to fulfill an ancient prophecy by gathering various objects of power along with three ancient artifacts. Once assembled, these relics of old comprise the Staff of Ages – the only weapon that can stop the traitorous sorcerers’ plan of unleashing the Behemoth, a titan of tremendous power, on an unsuspecting world.

We are proud to announce that we are creating a new Shadowgate! While we published the original game on over ten different platforms, this Shadowgateis NOT A PORT. It’s a re-imagining that includes a lot of new features, exciting updates and ingenious additions that will add even more to the mythology and expand upon the original story of our fantasy classic. This is the Shadowgate that we always wanted to make and we are thrilled that we have the opportunity to capture the unique excitement of the original while expanding on the world and mythos like never before. And if you’ve never played a first-person adventure title, this is the one to start with!

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